Cardinals: 3 highlights from Yadier Molina’s pitching debut

With an 18-0 lead in the ninth inning, the St. Louis Cardinals let Yadier Molina pitch in what could be his final season.

The Cards had plenty of room for error against the Pittsburgh Pirates on Sunday afternoon. With an 18-0 lead post-rain delay, Oliver Marmol preferred not to waste any more of his pitching staff in a game they were assured to win.

So, he let a position player pitch — but not just any position player. In what’s likely to be his final season, Yadier Molina threw the final innings from PNC Park.

Yadi’s effort wasn’t perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but just like Albert Pujols before him, he had some fun with it.

Cardinals highlights: Albert Pujols warms up Yadier Molina

Not only did Molina pitch an inning of work, he threw his warmups to Pujols! In a sight all Cardinals fans will surely love, Pujols got in the catcher’s stance and helped his good friend stretch out his arm.

Neither looked all that comfortable, given Yadi is typically behind home plate and Pujols doesn’t spend all that much time in the field to begin with these days. Nonetheless, it’s something the two of them will never forget from their final season together.

Cardinals highlights: Albert Pujols trolls Yadier Molina for home run

Molina gave up two home runs in the inning, one of which was against Yoshi Tsutsugo. Yoshi took Yadi over the Clemente Wall despite the wind blowing in from right field.

At the end of the clip, Pujols and his Cards’ teammates troll Molina, who can’t help but smile as Yoshi rounds the bases. His stat-line may not have been pretty, but in the end, Molina got the three outs necessary.

Cardinals highlights: Yadier Molina and Albert Pujols have same ERA

Both Molina and Pujols gave up two home runs and four runs total in their pitching debuts. That amounts to a 36.00 ERA. Safe to say they made the right choice avoiding a career as a professional pitcher.

In fact, I’m not so sure why Pujols was so busy trolling Molina in the first place.

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