Broncos’ Risner believes Chiefs’ Chris Jones is the best DL he’s ever faced

There’s plenty of talented defense of lineman, but Kansas City’s Chris Jones might be the best of them all. 

When looking at positions in the NFL, everyone is trying to be the G.O.A.T. Tom Brady owns the title under center and arguments could be made that Derrick Henry has taken over the title at running back.

What about on the defensive line? Would some argue J.J. Watt despite his age and injures? What about Aaron Donald, who some consider to be the best player in the sport regardless of the position.

If one were to ask Denver Broncos’ Dalton Risner, he’d go off the beaten path. That name? Kansas City ChiefsChris Jones.

“Chris Jones is kind of a dynamic guy,” Risner told FanSided’s Matt Lombardo on the Matt Lombardo Show. “He can stop the run, he’s good at that, he can also rush the passer and does a great job. Chris Jones is also huge. I go against him two times per year.”

A strong season ahead for Jones?

Jones finished the 2020 season as the most double-teamed defensive tackle in the league. There’s good reason for that as his production since leaving Mississippi State has matched this status as one of the more fear interior pass-rushers.

Jones has 32 sacks over the past three seasons, including 15.5 in 2018. That ability to win in man blocking schemes allowed Kansas City to secure his status long-term, agreeing to a four-year, $85 million extension.

Since 2018, Jones is second in sacks among defensive lineman, only falling behind Donald. Since being drafted out of Kansas State, Risner has yet to face the Rams’ star defender over the past two seasons.

While he won’t have the chance to do so in 2021, Risner will have his hands full against Kansas City with the addition of Jarran Reed. Read agreed to a one year deal with Kansas City following his release from the Seattle Seahawks.

As a bull-rusher, Reed recorded 19 sacks over the past three seasons — 10.5 coming in 2018.

A Reed-Jones combination might make Kansas City’s interior pass-rush the most dangerous in the AFC. However, Risner is focused on finally beating Jones and making him silent for a series or two.

“Chris Jones talks a lot of trash, and I’m not the type to take that, so I talk a lot of trash back to him,” Risner said. “We are not friends, by any means of the imagination. I won’t get into all of the details, but he’s a great football player and I have a lot of respect for that man.

“Some people tell me that I can’t shut my mouth, so I’m okay with that.”

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