Braves must release Marcell Ozuna after video of domestic violence incident emerges

Disturbing video has been obtained by TMZ of Atlanta Braves pitcher Marcell Ozuna choking out his wife earlier this year. 

It felt like only a matter of time before more details came out on Marcell Ozuna and his arrest last May due to domestic violence against his wife. While he’s been cleared to play at the start of the 2021 season, his status with the Atlanta Braves may be up in the air with the latest clip that’s been made public.

The team over at TMZ has posted disturbing video from the late May incident, with Ozuna seen with his right hand forcefully around his wife’s neck as police were entering their home. We’re not going to post the video in this article, but you can see the incident via TMZ.

Marcell Ozuna video makes decision easy for the Braves to release him

It’s only going to be a matter of time before the Atlanta front office sees this video, if they haven’t already. Once they do, there simply should be no other thought than reaching out to Ozuna and his agents and informing them that the slugger has been released.

How in the world could Atlanta keep him on the roster now that they’ve seen video evidence of what Ozuna was doing? Who knows what would have happened if the police wouldn’t have entered the home and intervened.

While Atlanta is fresh off its World Series campaign – the club’s first since 1995 – this latest update on Ozuna is nothing short of upsetting. Fans are already calling on social media for Ozuna to be cut as soon as possible. His behavior was nothing short of despicable. There should be no room for him in the Atlanta dugout moving forward.

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