Battered Giants fan has unreal moment throwing out first pitch

Watching San Francisco Giants fan Bryan Stow throw out the first pitch will bring you to tears.

Seeing San Francisco Giants fan Bryan Stow throw out the first pitch at Oracle Park was an emotional experience for us all.

Ten years ago, Stow was nearly beaten to death outside of Dodger Stadium for wearing a Giants jersey. He spent nine months in a coma and had to re-learn how to walk. It was a national story and a black eye that the Los Angeles Dodgers fanbase had to carry for years. During 2021 MLB Opening Day at Oracle Park, Stow overcame all the odds to throw out the first pitch on Friday.

If this moment does not move you … have you no soul?

San Francisco Giants: Bryan Stow throws out an emotional first pitch

Though rivalries are one of the best parts of sports, it is always a shame when allegiances toward one club lead to violence. There are few rivalries in baseball that compare to what the Giants have with the Dodgers, dating back to their days in New York City. With that in mind, nobody deserves to get beaten for simply wearing the jersey of a rival behind enemy lines.

With the help of his walker, Stow was able to show us was perseverance looks like. His underhand toss toward home plate was one of the best first pitches we have seen in a while, and certainly one of the most unforgettable. No matter what MLB team you root for, we were all Giants fans in that moment. Once again, it illustrated the power of sports as a means to bring us all together.

It will be awfully hard for the Giants, or for most teams, to top this incredible moment this season.

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