Aaron Rodgers has questions about NFL’s COVID protocol

Aaron Rodgers has questions about the NFL’s protocols surrounding COVID.

So far the NFL has successfully avoided major cancelations related to COVID-19. Games have been moved, but it seems the protocols are working.

However, Aaron Rodgers does have questions about the logic behind some of the rules. The players are in close contact both at practice and on the field, with the latter essentially shattering each team’s closed bubble environment. The Green Bay Packers quarterback was on Pat McAfee’s show to discuss his confusion.

Rodgers raises good points

It is a bit odd that there is so much separation in the locker room and team facility, except when players are face-to-face with each other during practice. The intention behind the rules are good, but it is fair for players to be questioning fines for simply eating at the same table as a teammate.

Rodgers also brings up how players are losing the ability to communicate easily while off the field. There are partitions in the locker room and meetings are held with far stricter rules than normal. So what were routine relationships have been made more difficult.

The main gripe by Rodgers is the hypocrisy about all these protocols essentially being broken during the actual playing of the games. Once again, the NFL seems to be overly cautious off the field and that is hard to argue against, even if players are inconvenienced. That is the price to pay if they want to be paid and play a full season without a major COVID outbreak.

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Everyone in the world is dealing with this new way of living and some fans may not want to hear about NFL players making such complaints. They have the right to do so, however, they are still working and have access to quick testing. Some confusion in the protocols is a fair price to pay.

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