49ers: John Lynch explains Twitter activity bashing Jimmy Garoppolo

San Francisco 49ers general manager John Lynch evidently didn’t mean to bash Jimmy Garoppolo on social media. It was just an accident.

Garoppolo threw for one touchdown and two interceptions in the 49ers eventual loss to the Tennessee Titans. If there were ever a time Jimmy G earned a public bashing, it was after Friday night.

Yet, for the GM of a team to make his views on Garoppolo public is unprofessional. As much as Lynch and Kyle Shanahan have tried to hide their long-term plans at quarterback from both Garoppolo and fans, surely it’s fairly obvious at this juncture.

Heck, Lynch just drafted Trey Lance with the third-overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft — a selection they traded up for.

Shanahan didn’t blame Garoppolo exclusively for his turnovers. “They’re not all just on him,” Shanahan said. “That’s on everybody out there.”

49ers: John Lynch accidentally liked tweet criticizing Jimmy Garoppolo

“Apparently — while in Christmas Eve Mass w my Family — I accidentally and unknowingly Liked a Tweet. Never intended to and remain a huge believer in Jimmy. Merry Christmas to everyone,” Lynch tweeted.

Does this mean Lynch goes on Twitter at church? That’s a separate conversation entirely.

With the loss, the 49ers fell to sixth in the NFC. Since there are now seven playoff spots per conference, San Francisco is confidently in the playoff race. That can change weekly, however.

The 49ers host the Houston Texans next week in a very winnable game, and finish out the regular season against the Los Angeles Rams.

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