4 banger fights we might never get to see now that Yoel Romero is with Bellator

With Yoel Romero now in Bellator, there are now a few fights off the table that would have been awesome to see had they happened.

Yoel Romero opted to sign with Bellator after his release from the UFC. That means that any potential fights in ONE Championship, the PFL or Combates America is off the table; at least for now. It also means any potential fights in the UFC are off the table as well. While a middleweight for most of his career in the UFC, now that Romero is going up in weight to be a light heavyweight, the possibilities around the world that are now off the table are staggering.

There were some great matchups for Romero had he signed elsewhere. Not to say that Bellator was a bad option, because Bellator has a list of great fighters for him to pair up with. It’s just that there were a lot of good names outside as Bellator as well that Romero could have had fun with.

These are four of them.

Yoel Romero vs. Aung La Nsang (ONE Championship)

Even though he just lost his middleweight championship to Reinier de Ridder, Aung La Nsang is still the face of ONE Championship and a title fight against Yoel Romero would have brought so much hype to the brand. With a win, Nsang establishes himself as the best 205 fighter outside of the United States and as an arguably Top 5 in the world regardless. With a Romero win, ONE Championship gets some much-needed notoriety and press. Either way, the brand would have won.

Yoel Romero vs. Emiliano Sordi (PFL)

Emiliano Sordi is the 29-year-old winner of the 2019 PFL Light Heavyweight Tournament and is one of the best knockout artists in the game right now, racking up 16 KO/TKO’s in his 22 wins. He went 5-0 in PFL’s 2019 season (their last season on record), finishing all five opponents he faced that year. Four by KO/TKO, one by submission. For Romero, this would have been a true test to see how much he left in the tank in his early 40’s and how good Sordi is against top-flight competition.

Yoel Romero vs. Jiri Prochazka (UFC)

Had Romero stayed in the UFC, he would have hopefully faced the UFC’s new nightmare at light heavyweight, Jiri Prochazka. Prochazka is a violent man, with 24 of his 27 wins coming from KO/TKO. Of those 24 KO/TKO, half were just straight up knockouts. Nothing technical about them. Romero looks like a brick wall, but Prochazka is just crazy enough to try and punch a hole through a brick wall, so that would be a lot of fun to watch. Prochazka is arguably the best power striker the UFC has, and he could be a threat to anyone, in any division. From Jan Blachowicz to Jon Jones.

Yoel Romero vs. Tito Ortiz (Combates America)

Ok, hang on. Yes, on paper this fight is silly. Tito Ortiz’s last two wins came against a then-48-year-old Chuck Liddell, who had the worst hips ever seen on a fighter, and Alberto El Patron, a man who had no business in MMA when he was in his prime, let alone in his 40’s. Yet, this fight works. Firstly, it’s between two men with large wrestling backgrounds. Secondly, it would have been the biggest fight in the history of Combates America, a promotion designed to appeal to Latin fans. Thirdly, the trash talk would have been terrible in all of the best ways. This fight not having for that last point alone should qualify as a war crime or a crime against humanity.

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