3 most insane things that happened in Browns-Ravens classic

In what could be the game of the year, there’s plenty to talk about. 

Baker Mayfield came to play, but Lamar Jackson decided to come back.

In what had to be the game of the year thus far, the Cleveland Browns looked like one of the better offenses in the AFC. The only problem was that the Baltimore Ravens did too, in a crucial must-win game.

And thanks to a field goal and safety, the Ravens remain alive in the playoff picture with a 47-42 victory over their AFC North rival.

It was a gut punch for the Browns, but after their rebounding second half, it feels like no one lost. Cleveland was down by as many as 14 points, yet Mayfield and the offense didn’t quit.

As for Jackson, he legitimately emerged from the shadows and rescued his team, but more on that in a second. This game literally had everything in the makings of a perfect outing, but these three moments stuck out the most prominent.

What were the highlight moments of this Browns-Ravens instant classic?

3. The Lamar Jackson poop jokes

One will not be able to mention this game without bringing up Jackson’s bathroom break. During the middle of the fourth quarter, the third-year quarterback was seen leaving to head back to the locker room due to “cramps” in his abdominal area.

Even the youngest of children understood exactly what that meant when ESPN’s Lisa Salters announced it on television. Thank goodness most of them don’t have Twitter or things could have gotten out of control.

Here were some of the best ones.

It looked like the Ravens’ season went down the drain. All the hopes for Baltimore fans were being flushed in front of their very eyes. Holy crap, the Browns were about to have their first double-digit win season in over a decade, right?

Instead, Jackson returned and took it to the Browns, connecting with Marquise Brown for a 44-yard score on fourth down to give the Ravens the lead. And if that wasn’t enough, the Ravens then went for two.

Ok, we’re all adults here, no more. Actually, one more since Robert Griffin III easily won the night.

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