The best Prime Day 2022 portable generator deals from Jackery, Anker, and more

You can find anything on sale during Amazon Prime Day, even portable generators. Whether you’re looking for solar-powered, gas-powered, or something you can plug into an electrical outlet at home, there are deals out there on Amazon for the taking. While none of the best solar generators from our rundown are priced to move, there are some smaller models from top brands, including Jackery and Anker. There are also some good deals on generators from other brands. As with every Prime Day category, there plenty of good and bad deals out there, so we went ahead and picked out what deals to watch out for, whether you’re saving a lot or, just a small discount on something really special.

EcoFlow Delta Pro $3,199 (Was $3,599)

The only generator from our top picks with a meaningful discount for Prime Day is the massive EcoFlow Delta Pro. It’s more of a home backup system than something you can lug around, but stores an incredible 3600Wh of power. You’re only getting 10 percent off its $3,600+ price tag, but that’s still a few hundred bucks off. If you’re setting up emergency backup power, the Delta Pro is worth the investment.

Jackery Explorer 240 $175.99 (Was $299.99)

Jackery is routinely at the top of our portable generator wish list, so we have to shout out a really slick deal on the Explorer 240 portable generator. It’s one of the company’s smallest designs with a 240Wh battery, but it only weighs 6.6 pounds, so it’s easy to bring with you when you go camping or even just on a beach day.

Anker 523 PowerHouse $239.99 (Was $359.99)

An older model from Anker’s highly portable PowerHouse generator line, the 523 is also a very small, very portable generator for day trips, storing up to 280Wh of power.

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