Ergonomic dog beds to keep your pup cozy and comfortable

There are many expensive dog beds out there, often for a good reason, but finding a cozy bed doesn’t have to break the bank. The best thing to pay attention to is size and material. If you have a small dog, like a beagle or dachshund, you probably don’t need a bed larger than 35 inches. A medium-sized dog, like a border collie or shiba inu, will be snug and warm in a bed that’s under 33 inches. A large dog, like a German shepherd or standard poodle will be happy in a bed under 40 inches. Orthopedic foam is a great thing to consider for general comfort and extra support for older dogs. We recommend getting a bed with bolsters, which provide a sense of security and satisfies their natural instinct to dig and burrow.

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