WTFox News: Baby formula, ‘great replacement theory,’ and general Fox News bigotry

What’s the new ‘protect the children’ motto from the GOP? It’s immigrant-babies-are-stealing-your-formula-and-they-should-starve-because-they-aren’t-white. They go from laughing right into talking about purposely starving babies. It’s real dark stuff here.


I want you to pay attention to how the woman making this strange claim is clearly losing moisture in her mouth. Maybe she’s the one stealing baby formula? I have no evidence, just wondering things.


How do you combat the fact that your entire network is filled with a bag of bottom-tier bigots? You call everybody else a bigot. In fact, since you aren’t interested in reality whatsoever, just continue to lie about everyone else:

But don’t forget about Marxism and LGBTQ+ children. Here’s former MTV Real World personality Dundleberg McWhatever-her-face talking with another Fox News host about how commies are pushing Jesus’ ‘love thy neighbor’ schtick way too far.

I mean, I agree: I don’t know if I support liberal Jesus and his willingness to forgive Sen. Mitch McConnell for all of the harm he’s done.

It would not be a round up in May if we didn’t bring up the conservative obsession with the white supremacist “great replacement theory.” Here’s Fox News doing what they do: saying one thing, and then reiterating the other thing moments later.


But it’s not all gloom and doom over at Fox News. Sometimes a burst of light cracks through the musty, sulfur-smelling hallways there. What’s a right-wing talking point that we unfortunately hear too much of from centrist Democrats? Defund the police. What’s a good response? Surprisingly, and to Fox News shoulder-pad model Martha MacCallum completely shocking, the perfect response was uttered on Fox News.


Teehee. White House press secretary Jen Psaki’s spent a few final days having to combat the Fox News misinformation machine, and she teed off on a Fox News reporter who believes that the only “children” that matter are not yet born and come out of white folks.

Enjoy Angelo Carusone, president of Media Matters, talking the train wreck that is Fox News on Daily Kos’ The Brief

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