Trump supporters just can’t quit the lie that antifa activists perpetrated Jan. 6

Among Republicans, 24% approved (6% strongly, 18% somewhat) while 76% disapproved. So even in GOP circles, the violent attack is mostly frowned upon.

So if you don’t approve of the siege, what do you do about the fact that it was perpetrated by your fellow cultists at the direction of your sworn hero, the supposed America First guy? Easy, you lie to yourself.

Two separate polls this week, including the CBS-YouGov survey, found a sizable contingent of Trump supporters clinging to the notion that antifa activists were responsible for the siege. In the CBS survey, 41% of Republicans said it was actually “left-leaning groups” who forced their way into the Capitol on Jan. 6.

In a recent NPR/Ipsos poll, 30% of Republicans who are “regular political news consumers” said the Jan. 6 events were “actually carried out by opponents of Donald Trump, including Antifa and government agents.”

That’s a heavy dose of conspiracy right there among the supposedly informed ones, proving once again that the truth is no match for Republicans.

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