Trump called Georgia’s lead investigator and tried to get him to invent fake election fraud

Just a week ago, news broke that Donald Trump had called Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger and attempted to threaten him into “finding” enough votes to “recalculate” the results of the 2020 election. That blatant attempt at election interference was enough to generate calls for Trump to be be impeached, again—days before he went out and incited his followers into conducting a violent attempt to overthrow the government. But almost from the moment the attempt to extract votes from Raffensperger hit the news, people began wondering what other calls were out there. Because of course there were other calls.

Now it turns out that it’s not even necessary to move to another state to find one of those calls. The Washington Post is reporting that Trump called Georgia’s lead investigator for voter fraud a week earlier, and told him he could be a “national hero” if only he just happened to find some fraud that favored Trump. The call came in the middle of an audit of mail-in ballot signatures in Cobb County, which had been instigated at the request of Trump’s campaign.

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