The Daily Kos Elections guide to every key House race in 2020

All 435 seats in the House of Representatives are on the ballot in the Nov. 3 elections, and Democrats look all but assured of holding the majority they won two years ago. If anything, they’re likely to increase their numbers, as Republicans are once again playing defense in many suburban districts that have increasingly rejected the GOP in recent years.

Below, you’ll find a complete guide to all of this year’s competitive House races, organized alphabetically, based on the ratings issued by Daily Kos Elections. Every district not included here is rated “Safe” for the party that currently holds it. (For more on what these ratings mean, please see this post.)

If you click on a rating, you’ll get taken to a page showing all public polling for that race (if there’s been any) as well as our average of the polls and, if we’ve ever changed our rating on the contest, our explanation for doing so. Toward the right, you’ll find links for maps of every district, as well as our unique snapshot, which shows you a wealth of key district-level information at a glance.

Please join us starting at 6 PM ET at Daily Kos Elections for our 2020 liveblog, where we’ll be covering all of these races and more!

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