Ted Cruz gets slammed on Twitter in record time after sniveling anti-Biden tweet


Sen. Ted Cruz, after being outed as a coward and someone who somehow is an even less appetizing leader than Donald Trump, has decided to fully embrace the grotesquery which is his existence. Whether it is political theater at the expense of millions of Americans suffering from COVID-19 or political theater at the expense of billions of human beings in general, Ted Cruz is willing to say and do anything he believes will keep him in power and afloat. He’s made a bed filled with hatred and ignorance and lies and he would like to continue to hang upside down, perched just above it, to feed off of whomever is hoodwinked enough to lie down in it.

Cruz took to his Twitter feed today in the late afternoon, after a day of, I don’t know, trimming his gross facial hair in  an office mirror for eight hours, maybe? The Texas senator used his social media platform to type: “Team Biden is soft on China.” It’s a perfect example of what Ted Cruz is—a weak and scared and intellectually subpar rhetorician who has gotten by on having the ability to say and do whatever his donors and Mitch McConnell tell him to do. Nobody likes him and he clearly doesn’t like anyone not named Ted Cruz. Within minutes, #TeamCruz began trending on Twitter as the ratio on Teddy C’s tweet got lopsided really fast.

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