Sheriff Joe Arpaio continues to cost Arizona taxpayers millions as new settlement reached in lawsuit

According to Frimmel’s and Norton’s attorney, his clients “feel vindicated” in their pursuit of justice, and “are relieved to have this behind them. They have lived with this way too long. They just want to get on with their lives.” And while it was not a part of this lawsuit’s settlement, Frimmel’s attorneys have said that the arrests at Uncle Sam’s took place after Frimmel was asked by the U.S. Justice Department for cooperation in a civil rights lawsuit against Arpaio’s office for “racial profiling, retaliating against Arpaio’s critics, and other civil rights violations.”

Arpaio was charged and later convicted of criminal contempt of court for blatantly violating a federal judge’s order not to detain immigrants in what amounted to an enormous racial profiling operation by Maricopa law enforcement. The only reason Arpaio is not in prison himself is that he was pardoned by fellow white supremacist Donald Trump.

Two generations of tragically pathetic “men.” (L to R) Fake European aristocrat and Fake manly sheriff

Arizona’s Maricopa County has been slowly picking up the pieces after 24 years of Sheriff Joe Arpaio. The county’s new leadership has been working through a variety of lawsuits and closing down human rights abuse embarrassments like his outdoor prison “Tent City.” Making the thousands of families for who Arpaio’s reign of terror wreaked havoc on will take decades, and not simply small refunds of the thousands of dollars he literally stole from constituents.

An important thing to always keep in mind about people like Joe Arpaio is that, at their core, they are true cowards, terrified of real strength, and must always bully and abuse power to hide that fact. This, coupled with an oversized ego and an underdeveloped emotional inner world, leads to a delusional narcissism that cannot face the results his destructive racism and pig-headed corruption have brought him.

Arpaio told the AP that he didn’t control the county’s decision to settle with Frimmel and Norton. “I was ready to go to court and go before a jury of my peers to testify. I didn’t have that chance. I still feel like we would have won that trial if it went before a jury.” Since Joe Arpaio has always been a liar and has lost every case that went through legitimate courts, without corrupt disgraced presidents pardoning him, I’m gonna say Joe wouldn’t have won sugar honey (or) iced tea.

The abuses under Joe Arpaio, and by Arpaio, have cost the Arizona taxpayers hundreds of millions over the years because that’s what “fiscal conservatives” are, scam artists. They want everyone to hear about how they are cutting down on government largesse while their corruptions and abuses of power force taxpayers to foot even larger, less constructive costs. Defunding law enforcement operations like the one Joe Arpaio was running not only saves money in the short and long term, it allows taxpayers to invest in their own communities so bigots like Arpaio don’t bubble to the surface of the power structure.

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