Secret Service knew about threat to Pelosi ahead of Jan. 6 and didn’t share it with Capitol Police

“Biden will die shortly after being elected,” a Jan. 2 post from the same account read. “Patriots are gonna tear his head off. Prison is his best case scenario.”

And the next day: “We’re all on a mission to save America. Lone wolf attacks are the way to go. Stay anonymous. Stay alive. Guns up Patriots!!”

It took until 5:55 PM on Jan. 6 for the Secret Service to send the post with Pelosi’s name in it to the Capitol Police. By that time, law enforcement had been fighting off the attack by a mob of insurrectionists for hours. They knew Pelosi was at risk, and she had been moved for her safety.

This is far from the first indication that a host of law enforcement agencies fell down on the job in the lead-up to Jan. 6. They had warnings. These social media posts filled with threats were … social media posts. They were available. What, though, is going on at the Secret Service?

First, the Secret Service denied former White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson’s account of Donald Trump furiously demanding to be taken to the Capitol and attempting to wrest control of a vehicle from the Secret Service driver. There was supposedly going to be sworn testimony contradicting Hutchinson. Instead, the relevant agents and staff stopped cooperating and lawyered up. Worse, the Secret Service had deleted text messages from Jan. 6, and they apparently can’t be recovered. 

The missing text messages showed the Secret Service to be complicit in a cover-up of Trump’s behavior during the attack on the Capitol. The fact that they didn’t turn the threat against Pelosi over to the Capitol Police when they found it—and that they were warned by a Mike Pence aide of threats to Pence as well—suggests that the cover-up wasn’t the only thing the Secret Service was complicit in. Either way, it’s time to clean house.


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