RT America is shutting down, but the American far-right is still eager to back Putin’s propaganda

Both Reuters and The New York Times are now reporting that RT will instead be bringing its programs to Rumble, a video site favored by the American far-right, neo-Nazis, and other groups unwilling to abide by anti-racism and anti-violence-promotion rules on the other sites.

Rumble is also rumored to be the engine that will power Donald Trump’s alleged new Trump-focused far-right social media site—if the site actually comes to fruition and is not the transparent financial scam many observers suspect it to be.

The good news for pro-Putin Americans, then, is that a good chunk of all pro-Putin propaganda in this hemisphere will be available at a single far-right Nazi-promoting site. But it once again shows the lengths to which certain “conservatives” will go to back their favored delusional dictator during a time of war. No, not that delusional dictator, the other one. The one with the ever-swelling conference table. Trump would never sit at a table like that because it’d make his hands look small.

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