Republicans feign concern for power grid reliability in latest pitch to keep extracting fossil fuels

Proving how much of a poorly thought out talking point this is, the 26 Republicans who signed the letter offered Fox News an exclusive on it, which lawmakers then boasted about in a press release. Emissions are never mentioned and the only time the word “climate” comes into play is when it’s being used to rail against the Biden administration’s so-called “climate agenda.” The letters “EGU” are used to scare whoever the GOP thinks will read this drivel and want to join them in their entirely unfounded outrage, though EGU is simply an acronym for energy-generating unit. They nonetheless issued a series of demands about the EPA’s “EGU strategy” that included asks on broad information about “the reliable delivery of electricity” and pushed back on the EPA even being able to make decisions about the energy sector at all based in part on the recent Supreme Court opinion issued for West Virginia v. EPA.

Less surprising than the House Energy and Commerce Committee Republicans’ wild lack of knowledge about electricity generation is how much those lawmakers have benefitted from dirty energy. Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, the Republican head of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, has received more than half a million dollars in campaign donations from the oil and gas sector since entering politics. Insurrectionist superstar Rep. Debbie Lesko has racked up more than $77,000 in campaign donations from the sector. And Rep. David B. McKinley, who’s strangely an ardent supporter of all things coal—including coal ash—has benefitted greatly from the oil and gas industry donating more than $370,000 to his campaign. Money talks, and it’s easy to see what fossil fuel companies are telling these Republicans to do in order to keep up their symbiotic relationship.

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