Rep. Greene calls Jan. 6 ‘just a riot’ then cites the Declaration of Independence to defend it

She went on to defend the actual insurrection where Trump bootlickers stormed the U.S. Capitol, attempted to stop democracy, and left five people dead and dozens injured by comparing it to something altogether different and citing the Declaration of Independence.

“If you think about what our Declaration of Independence says, it says to overthrow tyrants,” QAnon Karen blurts out about the famed riot. “There is a clear difference between Jan. 6 and the Marxist Communist revolution the antifa, BLM, Democrat ground troops waged on the American people in 2020.”

Greene and her team have never condemned the insurrection. In fact, Green appears to believe that violence is the only way to get what you want. “You can’t allow it to just transfer power peacefully like Joe Biden wants, and allow him to become our president,” Greene said before being sworn into office. 

Of course, Greene can easily call the insurrection “just a riot.” She should know: She helped plan it. 

In exclusive reporting from Rolling Stone, a bombshell article alleges that Greene, along with a number of other GOP representatives and staff, all had a hand in planning “Stop the Steal” and “March for Trump” rallies that led to the Jan. 6 riot. The report, compiled with unnamed sources, claimed that “members of Congress” were in touch with several people involved with the aforementioned events that took place between the election and Jan. 6. 

In December, the newly elected congresswoman spoke openly on camera about her objections to Joe Biden’s presidential win and how Trump and his brown-nosing followers were planning to overturn the process.

“Just finished with our meetings here at the White House this afternoon, we had a great planning session for our Jan. 6 objection,” Greene says in the video, according to Salon, which she then tweeted out on Dec. 21. “We aren’t going to let this election be stolen by Joe Biden and the Democrats. President Trump won by a landslide. Call your House reps, call your senators from your states. We’ve got to make sure they’re on board. We’ve already got a lot of people engaged. Okay, stay tuned.”


We will stay tuned because even though Greene may forget, we won’t. And everything she says can and will be used against her in the expected grand jury. 

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