Project Veritas ‘journalists’ reportedly caught up in stolen Ashley Biden diary investigation

Ashley Biden, who was 39-years-old at the time of the release of her diary, had been able to stay out of the public eye in a way that Biden’s son Hunter had not. While the release of her journal, reportedly begun while she was in a rehabilitation center in Florida, did not make waves in the way that Hunter Biden’s laptop fiasco did, it was a real dirtbag thing to do. Unlike Hunter Biden, where there was at least meaningful mention of his Ukraine employment, Ashley Biden’s journal only seemed to expose the thoughts of a person dealing with issues of addiction and rehabilitation, with the frank—and mostly very private—thoughts, shames, and angers one has when dealing with difficult issues.

Project Veritas has said that while it had received this “whistleblower” diary, they decided “for ethical reasons,” to not publish—as they could not verify the authenticity of the journal at the time of publication. Considering that Project Veritas has yet to show a single ounce of ethics in anything they’ve ever been involved in, this is a hard-to-swallow statement. I wonder what they’re doing with all of their PPP money?

In a video that you can watch below, James O’Keefe does what all right-wing fraudsters do these days—blame the liberal persecution of patriots like James O’Keefe. Saying that he was putting himself at “great risk”* by making this statement“I awoke to the news that apartments and homes of project veritas journalists or former journalists had been raided by FBI agents.”

“Journalists or former journalists?” Two people were “raided” by the FBI. It’s an either-or thing, James. O’Keefe proceeds to say that the subpoena asked him not to make this big public statement, but he did because he’s such a brave young lad.

O’Keefe goes on to say that after his group decided not to publish the diary, they tried to give it back to “an attorney representing Ms. Biden, but that attorney refused to authenticate it.” It’s interesting. You get a stolen thing and then say you can’t publish it unless you can verify that it was really stolen, and then you go to the people who were robbed and ask them to authenticate the theft so that you can publish it? That’s some super dirtbaggery right there. Of course, O’Keefe says that the federal government is only investigating his group because it’s Joe Biden’s daughter. However, it will be interesting to see if one of these “journalists or former journalists” is guilty of a crime.

As an aside, The New York Times reports that Flyover Media owns the company that owns the website publishing Ms. Biden’s journal pages. Flyover Media is registered to the same Wyoming address as Branch Six Consulting International. Branch Six is owned by Richard Seddon, a former British spy with ties to private security billionaire Erik Prince (Betsy DeVos’ brother). According to the Times:

Mr. O’Keefe, the founder of Project Veritas, was once the president of a company that later registered at the same address.

Right-wing Patrick Howley, who goes by the moniker of “reporter,” published a few pages of the journal, trying to imply that Joe Biden may have molested Ashley Biden. This is not an assertion that is written in the handful of published journal pages, mind you. Howley’s reporting consists of all the right-wing conspiracy-style partisan hackery you have come to expect from ultra-right-wing media outlets.

James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas has been dealing with the effects of Hurricane Ida, which submerged the group’s Westchester, New York, headquarters in September. But with powerful and wealthy friends like O’Keefe has, I’m sure he isn’t the one facing time. He probably knows where many of the bodies are buried

* Barf.

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