Peru’s President has 60% disapproval rate

Peru’s President has 60% disapproval rate

Monday, January 17th 2022 – 09:13 UTC

Castillo’s disapproval ratings are higher each month

Peru’s President Pedro Castillo Terrones, who became head of state in a tight runoff against Conservative Keiko Fujimori about half a year ago, has a disapproval rate of 60%, according to a survey released Sunday.

Only 33% of Peruvians still supported Castillo while the remaining 7% refused to reply.

Numerous scandals and cases of corruption have already emerged around Castillo’s figure and many of his close aides have already been forced to resign after their situations became untenable in the light of overwhelming evidence in the form of audios that linked them to obscure deeds.

Castillo’s “disapproval is the highest recorded since he took office,” said Ipsos, the company responsible for the survey on the public management of the president, who took office on July 28.

In December, Castillo had a 58% disapproval, after 57% in November and 48% in October, according to the survey published by the newspaper El Comercio.

Castillo, 52, won the elections in June with 50.12% of the votes. The rural union teacher is nost rejected in Lima (79%) than in the rest of the country (49%). The Peruvian capital is home to a third of the electorate and also to the Peruvian elites.

The survey, with a margin of error of +/- 2,824, consulted 1,209 elderly people between January 13 and 14 in various cities in Peru.

Castillo, who lacks experience in public management, faces criticism for having put together a supposedly radical government and for maintaining uncertainty about his economic policy.

He has already survived a motion of vacancy in Congress.

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