News Roundup: Texas slashes Guard pay during border stunt; TPUSA audience pushes for violence

Good news, troops. We’re calling you all up as part of my latest anti-immigrant stunt. Better news: You all get to help pay for it!

In the news today: Texas Gov. Greg Abbott finally answered critics asking who would pay for his latest propaganda stunt, the pointless dispatch of Texas National Guard troops to the state’s southern border. It’s the National Guard troops themselves who are footing the bill for some of it, with the state slashing the tuition assistance they were promised for signing on in the first place.

Elsewhere, the obsessively Trumpian “Turning Point USA” has long promoted anti-democratic, pro-authoritarian rhetoric against Trump’s enemies, so it’s hardly surprising when one of their rally audiences angrily starts asking how long they have to wait “before we kill these people.” Charlie Kirk’s answer boiled down to maybe later. The Trump lawyer who wrote a guide for how Trump’s vice president could nullify a United States election on his own initiative, meanwhile, still blames  “establishment guy” Mike Pence for not going along with the autogolpe.

Here’s some of what you may have missed:

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