Mercosur partners concentrate most of Paraguay’s foreign trade

Mercosur partners concentrate most of Paraguay’s foreign trade

Tuesday, September 27th 2022 – 09:46 UTC

Manufactured goods such as garments and auto parts are the main export items, followed by aluminum products, herbicides and fertilizers

Paraguay’s foreign commerce of manufactured and agro-industrial goods reached US$ 3,383 million during the first eight months of 2022, with a clear predominance of Mercosur partners, points out the country’s Ministry of Industry and Commerce.

The economic report indicates that of the US$ 3,383 million, 27% or US$ 1,018 million were manufactured goods and 73%, or US$ 2,820 million linked to the agro-business. Overall comparing the two eight months period (2021/2022), there was an increase of 19% this last year, US$ 3,232 million compared to US$ 3,383 million.

Likewise with manufactured goods in the Jan/August period, year to year, US$ 1,018 million, 27% higher than US$ 808 million in 2021.

Almost 76% of manufactured goods shipments were destined for Mercosur partners with Brazil taking 60%, Argentina 14%, and Uruguay 2%. Other relevant destinations were the United States, 6%; Chile and Bolivia, 4% each; Germany, Canada, India, Peru, and Ecuador, 1% each.

In terms of exported products, the manufacture of garments and auto parts are tied for the first time with 19% each, followed by aluminum products and herbicides and fertilizers with 11% and 8% respectively.

Regarding agro-industrial goods, the statistics show a 16% increase over Jan/August 2021. In numbers this means US$ 2,820 million, US$ 395 million more in 2021, with US$ 2,425 million.

Meat products and derivatives account for 49% of total exports, followed by vegetable oil (20%), wheat and leftovers (19%), beverages (3%), leather (2%), baking mix (2%), and sugar (1%). Overall Mercosur concentrated 29% of all agribusiness goods exported from January to August 2022.

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