Mehmet Oz’s desperately releases doctor’s note that instantly blows up in his face

Pittsburgh’s Post-Gazette is owned by John Robinson Block. It merged with the Toledo Blade’s editorial board in 2018, and new owner Block very quickly began censoring criticisms of Donald Trump. At the time, Block said he fired people like award-winning editorial cartoonist Rob Rogers (a 25-year veteran of the newspaper) because Rogers was “too angry” about Trump. Since then, the Post-Gazette has continued to churn out mostly conservative-angled media to Pennsylvanians.

One of the bigger races for the MAGA-friendly Post-Gazette to weigh in on is between Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate John Fetterman, and reality TV doctor Mehmet Oz. Oz, like the Post-Gazette, has the support of twice-impeached Donald Trump—for whatever that’s worth. Oz’s campaign has been what most experts would call not-so-good. One of Oz’s biggest problems is how poorly he has done at showing Pennsylvanians that he’s not simply an elitist Hollywood TV doctor, but that he even actually lives in the state of Pennsylvania after spending all but the past year living in New Jersey.

On Wednesday, the editorial board of the newspaper attempted to give a little direction to the Oz campaign by randomly calling for both candidates to “release medical records.” The clear implication is that in creating media around Fetterman’s recent stroke and recovery, the Post-Gazette and other GOP-blinded rags can distract the voting public from real issues facing them this coming midterm election cycle. Mehmet Oz jumped on this chance to show a letter from a doctor saying he was very healthy.

As with everything Mehmet Oz, things didn’t go so well.

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