Man injured during ‘Unite the Right’ rally takes witness stand and is cross-examined by Nazis

Baker recalled members of the neo-Confederate League of the South barreling through counterprotesters with their shields and striking people with flagpoles as they made their way to a park where no actual rally took place. League of the South members pelted the crowd with objects and repeatedly raced back and forth to continue attacking counterprotesters as their nonevent soon became labeled an “unlawful assembly.”

Perhaps the most alarming testimony came from League of the South co-founder Michael Hill, who was made to recite a racist pledge he made in 2016 and did so with aplomb. Hill also readily admitted that his opinion hadn’t changed about the outcome of the “Unite the Right” rally, either.


Hill never apologized to Heyer’s family or to anyone impacted by the rally and has no plans to do so. He’s consistently defended convicted murderer James Fields, who fatally struck Heyer with his car and was responsible for Baker’s injuries as well as dozens of other people. And he isn’t alone in being an unabashed Nazi hellbent on violence in a trial that hinges on proving “Unite the Right” rally organizers’ very explicit intent to harm anyone who stands in their way. The trial continues next week, with a break on Thursday for a holiday. Defendants are expected to provide an estimate on Monday of how many trial dates they need to keep digging their own graves.

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