Madison Cawthorn spent thousands in taxpayer money while tweeting about Democrats wasting money

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Before we go further, it is important to note here that Cawthorn was one of 174 Republicans to vote against the PACT Act at the beginning of March. This bill is set to help cover the broad range of expenses that military service members, who have been injured or poisoned during their service to our country, need in medical treatment. The Republican Party and Madison Cawthorn’s excuse for not voting to support our troops is that they would like to find a cheaper way to not deal with the military members they enjoy sending off to conflicts in foreign lands.

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The Examiner broke down some of the expenses accrued during the week of Aug 6-10:

  • $2,950 allotted to his Skylaranna resort stay.
  • $556 for four trips to local grocery stores that week.
  • $491 spent at Papa’s and Beer Mexican Restaurant
  • $382 worth of Chick-fil-A
  • $53 at Joey’s NY Bagel
  • $47 at Bojangles

It sounds almost like a party. What was Madison talking about while signing away American taxpayer cash to resorts and fast food and beverage joints?


The fact that this story has come through a conservative media outlet like the Examiner is just another example of the civil war going on within the den of thieves called the Republican Party. Cawthorn’s hyper-MAGA-style hucksterism has freaked out the more neocon established sectors of the party. That’s in part because the conservative Christian political party may be having all kinds of non-Christian-style drug-fueled orgies (if Madison is to be believed), and also because Cawthorn and other Republican members of Congress like Lauren Boebert and Paul Gosar represent a new tea party-inspired rat that has climbed aboard the sinking Republican ship. And trapped in a small space, rats will eat anything until there is only one rat left.

But to put Cawthorn’s expenses into perspective, the Washington Examiner gave an easy-to-understand comparison of Madison’s frivolousness—even in his own craven and corrupt political party:

About 286 representatives reported spending $0 for legislative planning events in 2021, House disbursement records show. The 149 representatives that did pull from their allowance to pay for legislative planning expenses spent $1,170 on average.

Only one representative spent more than Cawthorn for legislative planning events in 2021: Republican Rep. Kay Granger of Texas, who reported spending $6,000 for legislative planning that year.

In a different time in our country’s history, Rep. Cawthorn would have been expelled from the House of Representatives so many times it would have have created new laws in our country. Excuse me for one second, Madison Just finished off a couple hundred dollars in chicken sandwiches. He just wiped his hands with a wet towlette.


It’s nice if you can have someone else pay for it. It seems like Madison thinks of those “dollars” as “HIS” dollars, not “OURS.” It is important to realize here how truly malignant a narcissist like Cawthorn is. As the Smokey Mountain News reported on Monday, a former Cawthorn staff member is filing a labor violation claim against him, saying she was fired after being “denied leave when her uncle passed away and her husband had a heart attack during the same week.”

Lisa WIggins was a former caseworker and campaign aide to Rep. Madison Cawthorn, whose complaints were legally recorded by “David Wheeler, co-founder of nonpartisan advocacy PAC American Muckrakers.” Among other things, Wiggins explains that Cawthorn has closed virtually all of his district offices, making it more than difficult for constituents to interact with their representative. She also claimed that Cawthorn’s home offices in Henderson, North Carolina, housed more liquor bottles than water bottles.

“As far as the candidate himself, I mean, he’s just a bad person. He’s a habitual liar and he’s going to say and do anything he can to your face but behind your back he’s completely opposite,” she said. “There’s some good stories I have – a lot of good stories.”

Please, Miss—may I have another?

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