Live on The Brief: Fixing America’s immigration system, and is there really a ‘crisis’ on the border

Welcome to Tuesday, and this week’s edition of The Brief, our weekly show about politics. 

Conservatives and their Republican Party have surrendered any notion of policy, of ideology, of actually working toward a functioning government that helps people. They’ve surrendered to Trumpism, in which appeals to fear and bigotry and Dr. Seuss and Mr. Potato Head nonsense are the only tools left at their disposal. They are bankrupt.

Unfortunately, those targets of bigotry have to bear the brunt of the GOP’s devolution. The Derek Chauvin trial is currently underway. Brutal attacks against Asians in our streets continue, unabated. And immigrant Latinos are fighting an existential battle for their right to stay in their home country. And Republicans? They’re in hysterics over desperate children at the border begging for asylum. 

Today we’ll be talking immigration and the ways the Biden administration and Democratic Congress can begin to solve this problem, as well as the toll Republican attacks take on this community. Daily Kos’ Gabe Ortiz will join us, along with DREAMer activist Juan Escalante

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