Koscar nominations are still open for Category #1: Outstanding Snark/Satire

Here is a sampling of 20 of the classics that have been nominated already, written by blueness, Fishgrease, freewayblogger, HeyThereItsEric, Hunter, InteGritty, jazzmaniac, JeffLieber, karateexplosions, Major Kong, OllieGarkey, and ShowerCap.

Abort, My Antifa Comrades! Operation: Bags of Soup Has Been Compromised!

Back in 1982 I was dealing acid at Jim Morrison’s grave when I first met Vladimir Putin

The day I took the cat to the park


Dispatch from the War on Christmas

Exclusive: Interview with the Devil

Fake Headline Pretending I Just Picked Or Switched My Candidate

Fishgrease: DKos Booming School

Great Moments In Foreign Policy As Read To Children

I now fear I may have been born in Kenya

In The Vaults Where the Dry Powder Is Stored

INAPPROPRIATE CAPS: Misleading title 4 exclamation points

The Itsy Bitsy Spider, explored and explained

Massive windspill reported in Southern California

Monty Python, Hellboy, & a Conquistador: I Swear I’m Not Making Any of This Sh*t Up

The Much Anticipated Sarah Palin Show

My friend just had a breakdown thanks to Sarah Palin

The plane just lands itself, right?

The unlikely redemption of Safety Spider

You Know, I Don’t Think This Trump Fellow Is Going to Work Out

Wow—it is going to be hard to choose finalists from this list and all the other stories that have been nominated. This is your invitation to make our job harder! Add your own nominations!

Who has been overlooked or left out? Any stories you want to cosign with great enthusiasm? Are there any nominations that made you scream, “OMG YES! WE HAVE TO HAVE THAT ONE!” or similar yelps of joy? Stories that get mentioned by more than one person have a better chance of making the final ballot.

Some people are worrying that they haven’t been here long and don’t know about the old-time stuff, but that’s okay. Just pick something you enjoyed, no matter how recent it is. Anyone can make nominations—you can even nominate yourself. Don’t be shy; let your snark flag fly!

Please share your nominations for Outstanding Snark/Satire story in the comments below, or in the original nomination diary here.

Remember: Nominations in this category are open until Wednesday, Mar. 16.

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