‘Hello, I’d like to report a murder: Lt. Governor Fetterman, with a candlestick, in the library.’

Man, I can’t stop cracking up. Nothing has more seriously dogged Mehmet Oz, the GOP’s candidate for Senate in Pennsylvania, than the fact that he’s not actually from, you know, Pennsylvania. So serious props to whichever staffer for Democrat John Fetterman just nailed Oz for recording his latest campaign video in the library of his mansion in New Jersey:

Pro tip: don’t film an ad for your PA senate campaign from your mansion in New Jersey. https://t.co/D9BDweZmym pic.twitter.com/pld8RLmWYv

— John Fetterman (@JohnFetterman) July 7, 2022

As the Fetterman campaign noted, “The drapes, curtain rod, bookshelf molding, bookshelf color, and even some of the individual books on the shelves behind Oz match a 2020 People Magazine house tour of his multi-million dollar mansion in Cliffside Park, NJ.” Or as Daily Kos Elections contributing editor David Jarman put it:

Democratic Rep. Bill Pascrell also commented, “Let me thank my North Jersey constituent Dr. Oz for cutting his Pennsylvania campaign ads right in our North Jersey district. These commercials help showcase our beautiful Garden State.”

Now’s a good time to send $3 Fetterman’s way so that his team can keep exposing what a fraud Oz is—and elect a Pennsylvanian to represent Pennsylvania.

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