Georgia GOP senators not done selling their souls to Trump

Georgia’s votes have been counted and recounted a total of three times now and, not surprisingly, Joe Biden has prevailed every time because … well … he won the state. Trump simply can’t accept being a loser, which is what he is—a loser. 

Both Republican senators already sided with Trump over state GOP officials when they called the state’s elections an “embarrassment” and pushed for Georgia’s secretary of state to resign. But Loeffler and Perdue giving Paxton their imprimatur at the expense of their own state’s GOP leadership team once again is so transparently desperate and spineless. The lawsuit seeks to overturn the votes of Georgia and three other states—Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. The notion that the Supreme Court is going to let Texas interfere with the votes of four other states is laughable on its face. So laughable, in fact, that Paxton’s most likely motivation for filing such ridiculousness is that he’s in search of a pardon Trump reportedly plans to dish out like candy to all his criminal friends. 

Additionally, Georgia’s Republican attorney general wasted zero time in calling Paxton’s suitconstitutionally, legally and factually wrong.”

But hey, once you’ve made a deal with the devil, there’s no turning back. Loeffler and Perdue—two of the richest and most corrupt members of Congress—aren’t going to let a little thing like integrity stand in the way of keeping their incredibly lucrative public service posts. Those two Senate seats have been nothing short of gold for the pair of them, so why not throw Trump another bone? If they win their runoffs, the two of them will laugh all the way to the bank.

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