Gabriel Boric officially proclaimed Chilean president elect; takes office March 11

Gabriel Boric officially proclaimed Chilean president elect; takes office March 11

Wednesday, January 12th 2022 – 09:33 UTC

Boric spent holidays with his family at his home town, Punta Arenas, where against his wishes the local Council declared him “Favorite Son” of Magallanes Region capital

On Monday the Chilean Elections Qualifying Tribunal, Tricel, officially proclaimed Gabriel Boric as president-elect of Chile, following his victory in the runoff last 19 December. The ceremony was held at the Tricel offices in Santiago but under the most strict security and sanitary measures given the surge in Covid 19 cases.

One representative per media was allowed in and the rest had to follow the ceremony via streaming. President elect Boric will be taking the oath of office next March 11, at the Chilean congress in Valparaíso.

Before returning to Santiago, Boric spent Christmas and New Year with his family at his hometown of Punta Arenas, where despite his refusal, the City Municipal Council decided to name him “Favorite Son” of the extreme south Magallanes Region capital.

The motion was presented by Councilor German Flores despite Boric’s insistence that the honor should be considered and voted at the end of his presidential mandate taking into account his performance, and not before. Nevertheless the proposal was over whelmingly approved at the Council

However Punta Arenas mayor Claudio Radonich apologized to the elected president for having supported the motion, and so did the Council, but pointed out that the honor has nothing to do with his activities in the coming years as president, but rather an expression of pride from the Magallanes citizens, so happy for having a son of the city become president of Chile.

The only Councilor to vote against the motion was Alicia Stupicic, who explained that her decision was only in support of elected president Boric wishes, who emphasized that the honor should be vested upon the end of his mandate.

As to the ministerial cabinet which Boric promised to appoint in coming days, the president elect anticipated that it will a mix of a new generation of young politicians, but which will need of the experience of other political actors, plus independent members.

Boric revealed that the coalition parties that promised to support him have not demanded posts, and thus the cabinet will not be subject to quotas of political parties, although he pledged to be open to requests from the different regions in which Chile is divided.

“Since a child I’ve been hearing the word de-centralization, and I agree that one of the impediments for Chile’s development is the excessive centralization we have, and it is the job, a new president to address firmly the issue”, Boric was quoted. But he added, “let me tell you that patronage, cronyism and quotas are definitively over”

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