Former Judge and Minister Moro and key governors support Bolsonaro’s reelection



Former Judge and Minister Moro and key governors support Bolsonaro’s reelection

Wednesday, October 5th 2022 – 09:51 UTC

Governors of the three largest constituencies in the country said they will support Bolsonaro on Oct. 30

Brazil’s incumbent President Jair Bolsonaro will receive the endorsement of the governors of São Paulo, Minas Gerais, and Rio de Janeiro in addition to that of former judge and minister Sergio Moro for the Oct. 30 runoff against Luiz Inácio Lula Da Silva of the Workers’ Party, it was announced Tuesday.

Bolsonaro met Tuesday in São Paulo with Governor Rodrigo Garcia, who expressed his “unconditional” support for him to lead “the destiny of the nation” in a second term and to “prevent the PT from returning to power.”

Garcia, who runs the richest state in the country and the one with the largest constituency, explained that he made an “individual” decision without waiting for a consensus with the other leaders of his party, the Brazilian Social Democracy Party (PSDB, center), some of whom were close to Lula.

Bolsonaro of the Liberal Party (PL, right) came second in Sunday’s elections with 43% of the votes against Lula’s 48%. They will clash in the second round on Oct. 30.

Former judge and Senator-elect Sergio Moro, of Union Brazil, who had Lula imprisoned during the Lava Jato case, said on social media that ”Lula is not an electoral option as seen in his government that was marked by corruption, against the PT (Workers’ Party) project I declare [my] support for Bolsonaro.”

Bolsonaro met in Brasilia Tuesday morning with Minas Gerais Governor Romeu Zuma, and Rio de Janeiro’s Claudio Castro, the second and third largest constituencies.

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