Donald Trump hands out 143 pardons as he prepares to pardon us all from more Donald Trump

Of course, Bannon also has ties to the January 6 insurgency. But that didn’t stop him from getting the same all clear that was previously handed out to Michael Flynn, Roger Stone, and most of the 2016 Russia-loving crew.

Also getting a pass on Tuesday: Republican moneyman Elliott Broidy, who pleaded guilty to a little conspiracy to influence the Justice Department to drop an investigation into a multibillion dollar foreign scheme for which he took a multimillion dollar payment. Broidy also shared one of Trump’s hobbies, in that he paid $1.6 million in a hush-money deal with a former Playboy model.

Another big money donor, Robin Hayes, got a pass on attempted bribery. So did lobbyist Paul Erickson—a Republican operative best known for being one of several conservatives who fell hard for Russian spy Maria Butina—got clemency from Trump for wire fraud and money laundering.  

One of the several dozen parents involved in the “Varsity Blues” college bribery scandal got a pass: Bob Zangrillo. Why Zangrillo? He’s a real estate developer from Miami.

At least two rappers made the list—Lil Wayne and Kodak Black—both on weapons charges. Because pardoning rappers has always made Trump feel … Hip? Young? Something.

Sorting out the full list will take some time. The most surprising thing may be that Trump’s own name is not on the list. Neither are members of his family. But don’t forget: as long as this is, it may not be all. Because right up until Joe Biden puts his hand on that Bible, Trump still has the wand.

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