Conservative conspiracy theorists target children’s hospital in effort to fuel anti-trans hysteria

According to NBC News, who confirmed receipt of an email from the public relations office at the hospital to employees, workers were given guidance on how to handle threats and harassment, mentioning an “increase of threatening and aggressive” phone calls and emails. Those messages, unsurprisingly, revolve around how hospitals treat trans patients.

In a statement emailed to the outlet, the hospital said they’re “deeply concerned” by the attacks against their staff and believe they’re fueled by “misinformation” and a “lack of understanding and respect” for the trans community. The statement added that they’re “proud” to be home to the first pediatric and adolescent trans health program in the country.

So, where did all of the outrage come from? This loops back to Libs of TikTok and conservative sites like the Post Millennial. 


This misinformation includes, for example, implying that the hospital is offering surgeries like hysterectomies to young girls when in reality, the hospital doesn’t provide such a service as part of gender-affirming care to anyone under 18. The same goes for things like gender-affirming genital surgeries. 

According to Vice, the outlet has found extremist threats against doctors online. The outlet says it found such threats on a pro-Trump forum called TheDonald, where posts included folks encouraging one another to call the hospital, write comments on the hospital’s YouTube videos, and, disturbingly, someone wrote it is “long past time to start executing these ‘doctors’.’

It’s clear the right wants to demonize trans folks and all of their allies, whether that happens by getting people falsely outraged over sports, health care, bathrooms, or books. And it’s clear we need to make sure we vote and keep these dangerous people—and ideas—out of office. 

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