Candace Owens gets hypocritical after being refused for COVID-19 screening


Then, hypocrite Candace decides to complain at the same time she gives out more misinformation.


The testing lab took a stance, saying they need to work on those who actually believe in the spread of COVID-19 instead of a person who spreads misinformation as a priority. Not only does that encourage a healthier potential outcome, it also encourages fewer bad results.

How do we know this? Ask Milo Yiannopoulos, who found out he was positive for COVID-19, resorted to horse meds, and is now busy both being sick and, well, adding rapid dehydration to the mix.


How well is Owens handling COVID-19? Well, Yahoo News gives us that information as well:

Earlier this week, Owens wrote that she is unvaccinated, has been traveling, not wearing masks and that she slept next to her husband, who had light symptoms when he was reportedly COVID positive. She has consistently spread misinformation around vaccines, mask-wearing — even death totals of the virus since the beginning of the pandemic.

So she acknowledges she was exposed, still refuses to wear masks, travels next to people—and makes up facts about deaths and the dangers of COVID-19. She still wants to be tested, which is interesting because it is obvious she doesn’t give a damn about the results, or the safety of others. If she did, she would have tried a little prevention. Don’t worry Candace, you can join your pals if you want to find out how well their wild treatment strategies work. 

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