Biden, Schumer, Pelosi: Enough talk. Act. Expand the courts. Now.

Those questions go for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, too.


And Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer.


We’re “fighting,” they say. So do all the Democratic lawmakers (except Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin, who are remarkably silent on the issue on Twitter). Like Sens. Patty Murray, Tina Smith, Catherine Cortez Masto, Tammy Baldwin, Maggie Hassan, Elizabeth Warren, Ron Wyden, Michael Bennet, Raphael Warnock . . . you get the idea. All of them are talking about “fighting” to “defend the right” that the Supreme Court just effectively ended.

Worse, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee released a statement about how it intends to campaign on the issue. “This attack on women’s health care is a powerful reminder of the stakes in next year’s election—and why we must defend a Democratic Senate majority with the power to confirm or reject Supreme Court justices.”

Here’s a suggestion to the DSCC: Don’t run on the promise to do something. DO IT and RUN ON WHAT YOU JUST DID. To wit, the senator who gets it right:

So does Rep. Mondaire Jones:

They’ve got the legislation to do just that, legislation that hasn’t got a floor vote in the House and will require ending the filibuster in the Senate to pass.

That will take the full commitment from Joe Biden, from Nancy Pelosi, from Chuck Schumer, and every single Democrat who insists that they are fighting to stop talking and start doing. If it means threatening committee assignments and campaign help to Manchin, Sinema, and whoever is fighting filibuster reform, so be it. Put them on defense. All those other Democrats who keep insisting they’re fighting aren’t off the hook either. They need to be fully engaged in pressuring an end to the filibuster and expanding the Supreme Court.

The court has been spending the last few weeks showing the nation, and Democrats, exactly how dangerous it is. They struck down the Biden administration’s eviction moratorium in another unsigned shadow docket decision. That followed the precedent-breaking order from the court attempting to direct Biden’s foreign policy and force him to retain Trump’s cruel Remain in Mexico policy. And finally, this. Killing Roe and Casey from the shadows by simply refusing to act.

The Supreme Court has to be reformed, and it has to be expanded, period. Biden and Schumer, and  Pelosi have to do everything in their power to make that happen. What’s the point of having control of the House, the Senate, and the White House, along with the biggest bully pulpit in the world, if you won’t use it to secure the future of democracy? Because if they don’t, if the status quo continues, there won’t be a Democratic majority in either chamber or a Democrat in the White House again for the foreseeable future.

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