Biden outlines the need for recovery from the COVID-19 economy. McConnell will try to block it

What that means is that ”To truly end this crisis, Congress will need to fund more testing as well as the equitable and free distribution of the vaccine,” he said. “We’ll need more economic relief as a bridge through 2021 until both the pandemic and economic crises are over.”

And once we’re through the crisis, the U.S. will need to “build back better,” as Biden’s campaign slogan has it. The plan of that name, he said, would create 18.6 million jobs according to an analysis by Moody’s.

We will invest in infrastructure, clean energy, manufacturing,  and so much more.
This will create millions of good-paying American jobs and get the job market back on the path toward full employment. This will raise incomes, reduce drug prices, advance racial equity across the economy, and restore the backbone of this country, the middle class,” Biden said. “Bottom line, it’s essential that we provide immediate relief for working families and businesses.”

And not doing so, he warned, could have long-term economic damage. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell wants and will be trying to ensure happens simply to damage Democratic electoral prospects in 2022 and 2024. And that’s why the Georgia Senate runoffs are so critically important.

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