Argentina one of the best places in case of nuclear war



Argentina one of the best places in case of nuclear war

Wednesday, August 17th 2022 – 19:05 UTC

The other best place to be in such an event in Australia, according to a scientific study

Argentina and Australia are the best places on earth in case of a nuclear war between the United States and Russia, according to a scientific report carried by London’s Daily Mail.

“Want to survive a nuclear war? Go to Argentina!,” read a headline earlier this week. It is the “best place to get through ten years of fallout, scientists say.”

After pointing out that Argentina and Australia were “the best hope” of surviving a nuclear outbreak, the publication stressed that the “likelihood of starving to death would be 90 per cent if you stay in Britain.”

The newspaper based its story on a study published in Nature Food which took into account computer simulations, according to which over 5 million people would starve to death worldwide if 100 nuclear bombs were to go off, “with soot thrown up by firestorms blocking out the sun and causing crop failure.”

Professor Alan Robock, from Rutgers University, New Jersey, told the Daily Mail that Australia and Argentina have the advantage of having resistant crops, such as wheat, in large quantities.


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