Anti-vaxxer RFK Jr. blames wife for holiday party invites with vaccine mandates and testing

Kennedy Jr. responded to this story by throwing his wife, Cheryl Hines (known for her role as Larry David’s wife on the series Curb Your Enthusiasm)* under the bus. You see, the party was for Hines’ entertainment industry friends and he did not know anything about the invite that was sent out or the stipulation concerning testing or vaccinations.

He reportedly told Politico’s Lippman, “I guess I’m not always the boss at my own house.” Hilarious! And I mean hilarious in that fighting against protecting kids from childhood illnesses and trying to stop the death of 800,000 plus Americans can be hilarious when looked at through a born-rich person’s eyes is hilarious. It’s the kind of humor only a small audience understands.

But remember. This is Cheryl Hines’ fault, not Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s. In fact, he told Politico that “no effort” was made to verify the vaccination status or testing results of anyone who came to the party. Whew. For a second I thought RFK Jr.’s home was the kind of place where responsible adults act responsibly toward one another and care for one another’s well-being!

So to recap: John F. Kennedy Jr.’s wife Cheryl Hines is a) to blame for the stipulations of people being tested for COVID-19 or vaccinated against the virus; and b) something of a liar as nobody really cared if you got that Fauci-jab anyway! At least, that’s what it sounds like RFK Jr. is saying.

*While I only discovered the news that Hines and Kennedy Jr. were married a couple of years ago, it turns out that they have been a couple since 2011. Yes. it’s a strange bummer as she was so much fun on Curb.

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