Anti-vaxx Chronicles: Vaccines and masks were such a joke, but his mom isn’t likely laughing

Surviving an ATV means you have a top-tier immune system. Ironclad logic, SUCK ON THAT LIBTARDS.


COVID is more patient than people. 


You need one because otherwise, you might end up in the hospital with a million+ dollar hospital bill that either you have to pay, or even worse, your loved ones will be saddled with if you die. 

There are other reasons too! If you have kids, they might not want to be left orphaned. You might want to avoid long-haul COVID ailments like a chronic loss of taste and smell, or shredded lungs. Maybe depending on oxygen for the rest of your life seems unappealing. 

Lots of reasons, really.


The hell. 


Can you find other pictures for these stupid memes, or will we stick with this dumb kid one, over and over again? 


Nope! Professionals are handling both. And doing a great job of it, actually. 


Because people insist on voting for Republicans, who don’t want people to have nice things. Build Back Better would cap insulin costs at $35. So we’re trying to get there, if Republicans and Joe Manchin weren’t obstructing. 

Incidentally, this was Brad’s last post, ever. 


But but but, this can’t be. He survived an ATV!


Medical bills will be over $1 million. But sure, that $10,000 goal will kinda make a dent?


If they voted for Democrats, they wouldn’t have to worry about hospital bills. 

Of course, we’d all be subsidizing their unhealthy lifestyles and decisions, but we’re doing that anyway through higher insurance premiums and federal pandemic funding. It’s a no-win for those of us doing the right thing. Might as well go with the system that protects all of us from medical catastrophes.  


He wasn’t the first in line to help the rest of them. In fact, he was the first in line to mock measures that would protect him, his family, and his community from the ravages of a deadly global pandemic. 


What an inglorious end to his life. He fought the good fight against those liberals and their anti-freedom masks and died. Yet his heroes, like Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis, will never acknowledge his sacrifice. No statue will be erected in his honor. No holiday will keep his memory alive. 

He died anonymously, yet another single person in a sea of dead—fast approaching 1 million in this country alone. And his mother will now be handed an impossible hospital bill, funeral expenses, and unfathomable heartache, with nothing more than a $10,000 GoFundMe campaign to help ease the burden. 

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