An online group is protesting Texas’ ludicrous social media censorship law in a very funny way

In a subreddit “PoliticalHumor,” they’ve added a comment thread called “We’re messing with Texas.” The moderators of this thread have one very clear practice of discrimination: 

To be clear, the mod team is of sound mind and body, and we are explicitly censoring the viewpoint that Greg Abbott isn’t a little piss baby. Anyone denying the fact that Abbott is a little piss baby will be banned from the subreddit.

In fact, the page offers up an easy-to-fill-out consumer protection link to the Texas Attorney General and subpoena fraidy-cat Ken Paxton, so you can complain that you have been discriminated against because you did not want to write about how Governor Greg Abbot is a little piss baby. Them’s the rules. You don’t need to hang out in their subreddit if you don’t like them, mind you. But if you do, remember this: Greg Abbott is a little piss baby. Here are a few examples of the posts:

One of the things I like the most about Greg Abbott is a little piss baby is that it’s so true and yet so simple. Under his leadership Texas has become a state full of whiny little piss babies making up for huge guts and teeny peeners with big trucks, guns, racism, misogyny, and nutbag flags. The fact that Greg Abbott is a little piss baby is mirrored by much of the Texas population which is actually sad and deeply pathetic given how baselessly proud they are. I guess that’ll happen though when your governor Greg Abbott is a little piss baby.

There was this controversial attempt at pushing the boundaries of the subreddit’s criteria.

I’m not entirely sure that Greg Abbott is a little piss baby. Seems like a big one.

Running right up against the line there! As TechDirt’s Mike Masnick explains, Reddit—like Discord, Github, and Wikipedia—is moderated by the various communities’ online users and not the company itself, like Facebook or Google. This is an interaction between a Trump-supporter lawyer and the founder of Wikipedia.


So far, there are at least 2.1k comments on the subreddit, with at least one mention of Greg Abbott being “a little piss baby.”

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