Alex Jones must pay Sandy Hook parents $45.2 million more in punitive damages

Jones now owes the parents of Sandy Hook victims $49.3 million total.

Another day, another jury decision against Alex Jones. The InfoWars head now owes two families of Sandy Hook victims $45.2 million in punitive damages. The judgment on Friday was handed down unanimously, as is custom of punitive damage rulings. Just the day prior, the Travis County jury had also ruled that Jones owed the parents of Sandy Hook victims $4.1 million, bringing the total amount of compensation owed to parents—who he once classified as paid actors and whose children’s existence he publicly doubted—$49.3 million.

As previously written, Jones may not be on the hook for the full amount of damages given a code in Texas capping punitive damages. Just $2 million could “sink” InfoWars and the disinformation empire Jones built, according to the conspiracist.

His troubles aren’t over, given that two years’ worth of his cellphone records are already being requested by law enforcement and the Jan. 6th committee as it continues its investigation into the Trump-led insurrection. As the New York Times notes, “the judge says she is not preventing the Sandy Hook lawyers from giving Jones’ text messages to law enforcement and the Jan. 6 House committee.”

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