Abbreviated Pundit Roundup: There’s much to learn from Alaska


 AZ Central:

Here’s how Republican voters helped Democrats win in Arizona

Kari Lake has suggested incompetence by election officials or cheating against Republicans by election officials hampered her failed gubernatorial bid.

Other top GOP candidates have offered similar explanations for Democratic wins in Arizona’s statewide U.S. Senate and secretary of state races.

But an Arizona Republic analysis of voting patterns, especially in Maricopa County, shows a simpler reason: Many Republicans just didn’t vote for the Republican candidates.

Ed Zitron/Substack:

The Year of Finding Out

If 2021 was the year of fucking around, 2022 has been the year of finding out – a repeated myth-busting expedition where perfect, untouchable companies died a million little deaths. U.S. venture capital raises fell 30% in Q3, a nine-quarter low following an industry-wide realization that funding businesses that either aren’t profitable or don’t make money at all doesn’t lead to great long-term outcomes. And yet – despite a 50% drop in the last quarter – VCs are still pumping billions into Web3 companies, though one of the largest deals was a $300 million Series B into a company led by FTX Ventures, who you may remember are several hundred frauds in a trench coat.


Frederick E Hoxie/Salon:

My Thanksgiving: How testifying for Native Americans made me a witness to history

I’m a scholar of Native American history. But my real education came from working with Native people in the present’

The two-way nature of bearing witness — venturing out to explore but returning enriched — has most pointedly come home in four decades of work as a formal witness, an expert in court for more than a dozen Native communities across North America.  That work has given me a faith in humanity and in our collective future, a faith I otherwise would never have known.  

As an expert witness, my role has been to bring the experiences of this continent’s first peoples into legal proceedings where their rights as tribal citizens and as Americans were being challenged. Here’s a confession: I never adjusted to courtroom maneuvering and combat. Still, even in the rancor of litigious lawyering, I have had the privilege of compiling and conveying the special history of indigenous communities, of uncovering human stories that shaped a narrative marked by suffering, resistance and undaunted courage. The totality of that narrative has flowed back into my own life, demonstrating the insistent humanity of a people who were so often ignored or cast aside. These experiences that began in the role of an expert, reshaped me as a participant.



‘We aren’t numb; we’re traumatized’: Another mass killing rocks U.S.

“We are not free,” said Shannon Watts, founder of Moms Demand Action, “if we’re worried that no matter where we are, we are at risk of being shot.”

Watts, known in part for tweeting out the details of nearly every mass shooting, had hoped that this week would provide her a break. She spent Tuesday finding ingredients for stuffing and making airport runs to pick up her children flying home for the holiday. Then she saw the news from Chesapeake, Va., and shared it. But when she noticed the shooting still hadn’t started to trend on Twitter, a sense of dread swept over her. She worried people were looking away.

Con Coughlin/Telegraph:

This is how Vladimir Putin’s dismal rule ends

Many assume that Russian war criminals can never be brought to justice. Don’t be so certain about that

Putin no doubt calculates that he will never be held accountable because, as Russia holds one of the five permanent seats on the United Nations Security Council, it can veto any move by the West to establish a war crimes tribunal along the lines of the Yugoslavia court. China, too, would object, as it would resist the establishment of any body that could investigate its own genocidal treatment of the Uyghurs.

This assumes, though, that the UN is the only organisation that can oversee such matters. This premise is soon to be challenged by investigators examining Syria’s recent civil war, where unspeakable horrors were committed by forces loyal to Bashar al-Assad, which UN Secretary General António Guterres has called the “greatest crimes the world has witnessed this century”.

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