Petrol prices UP, car prices UP, car hire costs UP – so we’ve 11 motoring tips to drive down the accelerating strain on your finances

4. Check now if you can save on your car insurance, even if not at renewal – as prices are set to rise.

You can often cut £100s off your car insurance costs simply by comparing prices a few weeks before your renewal is due rather than sticking with the same insurer.

Prices for newbies are at the lowest they’ve been for seven years, yet we expect them to rise over the next few months, as insurers prepare for a shake-up that means they’ll have to offer new and existing customers the same prices from Jan 2022. So now is a sweet spot for EVERYONE to check if they can save – even if not at renewal.

Full info in Cheap Car Insurance, here are the basics:

– Not at renewal? Follow the tips below to check new policy prices. If savings are big, you can cancel your policy, and provided you’ve not claimed, you’ll get a pro-rata refund if you paid upfront, minus a £50ish fee. However, you won’t earn the year’s no-claims bonus. See switching mid-year help.

– Buy 23 days ahead of the day you need the insurance to start to save £100s. Our research shows average savings of £500 compared with getting it the day before – see why.

– Combine comparison sites to find your cheapest cover. Try a few as they don’t cover the same insurers, nor give the same price for the same insurer. Our current order is: 1)* 2) MoneySupermarket* 3) Compare The Market* 4) Gocompare*. (Why? See comparison order.)

– Try insurers and hot deals comparisons miss. Check if biggie Direct Line* can beat your top quote, as it isn’t listed on comparisons and can be competitive for some. Also see deals comparisons miss, such as a £60 shopping voucher.

– Also use these counter-logical tricks. Use trial and error to see if comprehensive cover beats 3rd party, check if insuring extra, responsible drivers can slash costs, and see if legitimately tweaking your job description can also cut the price.

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