BT and EE to hit millions with up to 4.5% price hikes – what you can do about it

Took out a new deal with BT or EE  between 11 January 2019 and 31 August 2020? Most face a 0.6% rise

Broadband, home phone and mobile customers who signed up or renewed between 11 January 2019 and 31 August 2020 will hit by a smaller rise, which has now been confirmed as 0.6%, from 31 March (you’ll also see this on your April bill). 

This is due to these terms and conditions allowing for an annual increase pegged to the previous December’s CPI as announced in January. It means a £20 a month bill will go up by 12p a month or £1.44 a year.

If you signed up to a TV deal between these dates you won’t, however be affected – that includes BT Sport customers on a contract. Many of these customers saw price hikes of up to £72 a year from November 2020 instead.

BT wouldn’t tell us exactly how many customers are affected or whether most will see a 4.5% increase or a 0.6% rise, but it confirmed the change would impact ‘millions’. 

Took out a new deal with BT or EE before 11 January 2019? Prices are not rising

Customers who joined BT or EE before 11 January 2019, and who haven’t upgraded since, aren’t affected at this time. BT says all of these customers will now be out of contract anyway, so they can give 30 days notice to cancel penalty-free at any point.

Plusnet customers are not affected 

Customers of Plusnet, which is part of the same telecoms group as BT and EE, are not affected by the increases taking force on 31 March. Their prices are currently linked to April’s CPI inflation, as announced in May, which we obviously don’t yet know.

From next year, Plusnet prices will, however, rise in line with December’s CPI as announced in January, plus 3.9%. 

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