Real connections in a virtual world: Dock Digital 2021

Many of our social activities and rituals were translated into a digital or safer equivalent in 2020, and continue to be so in 2021.

Tanya Andreasyan, FinTech Futures

For example, those hearty handshakes at the end of a business meeting turned into elbow bumps and virtual waves. In our professional lives, we even have the opportunity to learn from each other and meet our peers at virtual events. However, does that mean that we can really connect with new people?

Hear from Tanya Andreasyan, Managing Director & Editor-in-Chief, FinTech Futures, about the vision behind the new innovative Dick Digital event, designed to connect you to the people the matter.

How has Covid-19 impact the fintech sector?

It was a major shake-up for the banks and financial institutions – like an earthquake! Legacy set-ups and technologies started to crumble, really bringing forward the need for modern, agile and nimble solutions.

And interestingly, it really showed that when under extreme pressure, large corporations are – unexpectedly – quite capable of swift action and digital savviness, whilst smaller, supposedly more flexible fintechs – also surprisingly – can collapse and fold like a deck of cards.

Did the pandemic slow down innovation? How about partnerships?

On the contrary, I’d say that the pandemic helped to flesh out genuine innovation, rather than just fads or FOMO-driven initiatives. Partnerships were scrutinised too and those that actually benefit the participants were prioritised over those that sound good in a press release.

Necessity is the mother of invention!

What do you think is missing in the industry right now?

There is so much interesting stuff going on inside the organisations but at the same time so much uncertainty. It’s unchartered waters – yet, where do the digital transformation leaders and doers go to share experiences, battle scars, innovative ideas and concerns? The industry could benefit from having a secure virtual (and physical) space where peers can have in-depth conversations behind closed doors.

Register your place at DockHow do you suggest to fill this gap?

We’ve created Dock Digital – where the participants can speak freely, and really converse with each other, rather than being spoken at from a stage.

Dock will have no press, no tweets, no influencers. No endless agendas or numerous presentations of platitudes. No sales pitches.

We’re bringing together CEOs, CIOs, CTOs, CDOs, IT heads, heads of innovation and digital, and other relevant professionals to take part in roundtable discussions to share knowledge of the issues impacting banks and their solutions. These discussions will examine specialist topics, where attendees can spend an hour conversing, asking questions, answering them, or just listening.

Expect real conversations with real specialists, solving real problems. The discussions will be held in small groups so everyone gets a chance to delve into the topic and come away with useful, actionable insights, make valuable connections and become part of a community of peers.

So, when is Dock Digital, and how can I find out more?

Dock Digital is taking place on 18-19 May. The event is free and open to the global banking and financial services community. If you work at a bank or financial institution – however big or small, old or new, wherever you are in the world – I want to invite you to join the roundtable discussions where everything said will be treated in the strictest confidence!

You can find out more about the event and apply for a free pass here:

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