Iroquois Federal launches banking brand for newlyweds, Hitched

Iroquois Federal, a long-standing community financial institution in Illinois, US, has joined forces with banking tech vendor Nymbus to launch a new standalone digital brand, Hitched.

Prebuilt by Nymbus and launched by Iroquois Federal, Hitched caters to newlyweds

The brand was “prebuilt” by Nymbus.

“Nymbus has provided us with a business model that literally provides everything needed to get Hitched to market quickly and scale significantly once launched,” says Walter Hasselbring III, president and CEO of Iroquois Federal.

Hitched, as the name suggests, caters to newlyweds and their needs. It is currently open for pre-signups.

For couples that join it will provide a checking account with a debit card and an optional credit card. There’ll be a personalised, shared financial dashboard to visualise, set and track mutual savings goals, as well as the ability to manage everyday spending and contribute to shared goals.

Hitched will also provide access to online financial education and best practices for building a better financial future at every stage of the couple’s life together.

“Niche banking is the most significant innovation opportunity for financial institutions today, and how they can redefine themselves outside of geography,” says Liz High, executive vice president of strategy and marketing at Nymbus.

Hitched is one of the prebuilt niche digital bank concepts created by Nymbus Labs. “Each comes with a targeted customer affinity; a unique, compelling brand; data-driven business case; marketing strategy; full operational support; and playbook for continued growth,” the vendor explains.

Other brands to come out of Nymbus Labs include BankMD, Zynlo Bank, Facile, Billinero, and Locality Bank.

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