Indian cross-border payments platform KwikPaisa gears up for full launch

Indian tech start-up company Jangra’s Corporation is launching a new international cross-border payments and digital banking platform named KwikPaisa.

KwikPaisa plans to launch officially “in the coming months”

The company says the platform, built on blockchain technology, will allow users to make “instant, secure and cost-effective” payments anywhere in the world. It will also offer a loyalty programme allowing users to earn rewards as they use the service.

KwikPaisa is currently available in beta version and the firm says it is expected to launch officially sometime “in the coming months”.

The platform includes a multi-currency account that allows users to hold and transact in multiple currencies. It currently accepts nearly 92 currencies.

Users can save on currency conversion fees by holding multiple currencies in their account and making transactions in the currency of their choice.

The platform also provides merchants access to global markets, allowing them to reach more customers.

KwikPaisa’s API-driven platform also offers features such as a payment gateway, payment pages, payment links, subscriptions, smart collect (virtual accounts to accept payments), split payments and vendor payouts.

“Our mission is to help online merchants succeed by giving them data-science superpowers,” the firm writes on its LinkedIn page.

“We have felt that enabling frictionless transactions is a major problem and nobody seems to be doing it right. We decided to tackle it ourselves.”

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