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Caribbean News – Kidnapped, Murdered Trinidad & Tobago Woman Is Funeralized

The kidnapped and murdered Trinidad victim, Andrea Bharrat, is set to be laid to rest today, Feb. 12, 2021.

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News Americas, MIAMI, FL, Fri. Feb. 12, 2021: The 22-year-old Trinidad and Tobago woman who was found murdered six days after being kidnapped, is set to be laid to rest today following a funeral in her hometown.

Her funeral is currently underway in Arima, Trinidad with a funeral service set for the Faith Assembly Church in Five Rivers.  It comes a day after a 24-year-old man was formally charged with her murder.

Bharatt was found murdered six days after being kidnapped in Trinidad and Tobago. She was kidnapped at King Street, Arima, on January 29th, and her body found dumped off a precipice six days later in the Heights of Aripo in Eastern Trinidad on February 4th.

Negus George, of Seventh Street, Gooding Trace in Malabar, was formally charged with the murder of the former Court Clerk Thursday.

A private autopsy has found Bharrat died from massive internal hemorrhaging Her death has triggered outrage, vigils and calls for changes in the twin island Republic.

The violent murder of the young woman has led to a larger focus on gender-based violence in the Caribbean. National and regional government officials and civil society leaders from all over the Caribbean virtually came together recently to discuss how they can finally end gender-based violence. The virtual event was organized by peace diplomats from the Washington D.C. branch of Heavenly Culture and World Peace, Restoration of Light, (HWPL).

Panelists included African Actress, Model, and Television Host, Amanda Du-Pont, who noted that “as leaders and government and influential people … we (need to) come together and make the repercussions bad enough that people don’t do these crimes; we need to stand together as one.”

She added: “I think a lot of it is based on culture where a man is in control, a man can do what they want. I think the binaries of culture get mixed up, maybe people who didn’t have perfect father figures. These are all gaps, but if one could educate that being a male figure, having control in the home is not taking control of someone, is not making decisions for someone when they’re not keen to do something. It’s not abusing someone for no reason. Uplifting talks of incredible father figures or just incredible human beings who represent family and love and show people the benefits of being an all-around, good human being.”

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